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Finished Screen Printed Gaming Machine Panel
Screen Printing on Vending Machine
Screen Printing on Metal
Before and After Screen Printing Varnish on Glass

Screen Printing

The ability of screen printing to print onto virtually any material makes it the most flexible of all imaging processes. We offer large and small format screen printing onto glass, acrylics and a wide range of other rigid and flexible materials (please see the substrates list). In addition, over the years, we have developed processes for printing onto complex shapes and texture finishes.

Screen printing is ideal for very fine halftone and line printing and is used on applications where high impact graphics are required such as point of purchase applications. It is also often used for decorating flat glass for applications such as architectural features or close view gaming machine panels, where the slightest deviation in the colour value will be shown up by the back illumination.

Screen printing in either UV or solvent based inks is increasingly being used in combination with other processes such as digital printing and mirroring.

Benefits of Screen Printing

  • Flexible Process - can print onto virtually any material.
  • Cost Effective – many copies can be made as the same panels are used.
  • Simple and Hassle free – quick process as the colours dry quickly.
  • Large Designs – ideal choice for larger designs, possible to make larger counterparts of the design without any distortion to the texts and images.