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Painted Glass Panels in a Kitchen
Painted Glass Panels on a Kitchen Counter
Painted Glass Shower Fronts

Painted Glass Panels

  • Glass painting system - easy to clean, tough and durable
  • Applications - kitchen, bathroom, ceilings, etc
  • Mirrored features - can be integrated into spray painted panels and facias

Shades’ technique of masking and etching allows mirrored features to be integrated into spray painted panels and facias. To enhance the depth of colour, vibrancy and versatility, our glass painting system has been used. Applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, partitions, reception areas, floors, ceilings and many other commercial and domestic applications to create a feeling of depth, space and light.

Painted glass offers a low maintenance, easy to clean, tough durable and hygienic product. Extensive testing has been carried out on the adhesion and durability of the coatings which have now been in use around the world for over 15 years.