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Selection of Spray Painted Colours on Acrylic
Finished Painted Glass Product
Process of Mirroring on Glass
Process of Spray Painting on Glass

Mirrored & Painted Glass


A combination of masking and etching can be used to create clear areas or integral decorative features. A backing ink is applied to protect the mirror finish.

Shades is able to offer two techniques of mirroring: 

  1. Spraying, which would create a true mirror effect.
  2. Printing, a new breed of mirror inks, is used when reverse printing in order to create small mirrored features within designs.

Spray Painting

Coatings are available in opaque, metallic, transparent, frosted,pearlescent and multicolour finishes giving unlimited design potential, allowing you to combine an infinite range of colours with the natural beauty of glass.

In addition, we can apply the paint finishes onto toughened or iron free glass and provide colour matching facility, allowing us to match RAL, British Standard and Dulux formulations.

This system has undergone extensive testing to provide a high quality, durable and attractive finish.