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Case Studies

Shades have been providing screen printing and specialist digital printing solutions for products in many sectors for over 30 years.

As the customer experience becomes an increasingly important part of our service, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the needs of any clients and aim to find solutions to unconventional screen printing challenges. We treat every project with care and attention which clients have come to find invaluable.

We are responsive, practical and are dedicated to building lasting partnerships with our customers in any industries. A selection of some of our clients are shown here.

Client: A shower manufacturing company

Painted Glass Panels: To print on glass and ensure that it is 100% waterproof.

A combination of Vetrocolour paint and printed designs allows our products to become waterproof. We are able to produce and deliver a range of different products. For example: mirrored glass, glass with black print, glass with silver print, glass with black flock print, glass with light stone print, etc!

Shower Manufacture: Mirrored and Printed Glass PanelsShower Manufacturing - Waterproof Painted Glass Panels


Client: A manufacturer of gaming machines for the UK

Gaming and Entertainment: To fabricate and print glass with graphics which are enhanced by back lighting. In addition, print graphic inserts on PVC, for example: reel bands and price of play inserts which are also required to take advantage of internal lighting.

Our clients supply comprehensive artwork which we then take and adapt to make sure our print processes show the optimum finished product. This is mainly required because back lighting changes the nature of the colours when viewed from the front. By enhancing the back lighting, both screen and digital printing and the use of specialised inks are required, for example mirror inks. We are able to produce these daily and distribute them in bulks. For example: Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Fruit Machines.

Printed and Fabricated Glass and PVC for Gaming MachinesArtwork is printed to enhance entertainment machines

Client: A manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics

Microwave panels: To screen print design on acrylic and create fascia panels, which, to be used in high end built-in microwave ovens.

The screen printed colours had to be rigorously tested to match exactly the pre-determined colours. The design is reverse printed onto the acrylic and laser cut to a very fine tolerance, which is relative to the position of the print. Panels are produced in many colours and are supplied in large quantities to the manufacturing site.

Laser Cutting a Microwave Front PanelPrinted Microwave Front Panel Fully Assembled

Other Previous Work:

  • Labels
  • Site Boards
  • Safety/Hazard
  • Estate Agent
  • Chemical
  • Stickers
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Pop – Ups
  • Exhibition
  • Magnetic
  • Fitting Room Tags