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Artwork for Coasters
Graphic Editing for Fruit Machines
Designing Reel Bands for Fruit Machines
Designing Vending Machine Graphic Inserts

Additional Services

Artwork And Design

Shades have full in-house design facilities including laser image setting straight to film, therefore we can help turn your idea into a reality. We can develop the initial creative concept or build on your own designs, so feel free to send us your artwork ideas (we can accept artwork in all common file types and create original artwork files from samples supplied or rough drawings – subject to budget approval).


To help visualise your product our development team can use rapid prototyping.

One-off products for trials and test marketing can be produced utilising screenprint, digital print, display transparencies or a mixture of techniques. All items can be fully finished using laser or CNC cutting techniques. Also we are able to use a wide variety of substrates and mounting options.

Technical Support

For every job, production evaluation and guidance is available using our in-house technical support assistance.

We are able to advise on the optimum production methods to achieve your desired outcome.